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Welcome to our Neighborhood!

Woodland Drives is an historic in-town neighborhood almost in the shadow of Florida’s capitol. Comprised of about 450 homes, it is one of Tallahassee’s first platted neighborhoods, with an eclectic mix of single-family homes and townhouses, ranging from 70+ years old to brand new. Many of our residents have lived in the neighborhood for generations--indeed, Woodland Drives boasts succeeding generations living in the same home!

We’re fortunate to enjoy many greenspaces dotting the area which provide a haven for wildlife and appreciation from nature enthusiasts. The area is rich with history as well. Archeologists have unearthed evidence of religious missions of the 1600s in and around our neighborhood, and found remnants of explorer Hernando de Soto’s winter encampment of 1539.

Much of our neighborhood is part of the Myers Park Historic District, comprised of 362 acres with 229 parcels of land.

Our neighborhood association is strong and provides many functions to strengthen the neighbor bond that is so important in today’s hectic world.

The Survey Says...

The results are in! FSU's Community Development class, headed up by Dr. Andrew Aurand of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, did a wonderful job of surveying neighbors and reporting the results. To view highlights of the survey and the actual reports of the survey, click here.

Lafayette Street

Lafayette Street, our northern boundary, provides our neighborhood with a smorgasbord of ethnic cuisines, friendly pubs, eclectic shopping choices, dynamic businesses, an art gallery and even a nightclub. We’d like to partner with the businesses and merchants to make Lafayette Street even more vibrant. To find out more, click here and email us if you’re interested in being a part of its revitalization

Photos of the neighborhood

Parks & Rec

Save Parks & Rec Parcel!

Help us save this iconic Tallahassee landmark! Please contact the City Commissioners to ask them to vote against the rezoning and re-sale of this property.

These buildings were dedicated to celebrate the City's Sesquicentennial on January 28, 1975. And now, less than 40 years later, the City is proposing to re-zone the property and sell to a developer which will likely result in the destruction of these important structures.

This public space is heavily used and well-loved. The City's staff feasibility report states the site was used for 388 meetings this past year. It houses the offices for the Director of Recreation, Parks and Neighborhood Affairs, including maintenance facilities used to operate Cascades and Myers Park. It also serves an important community function by serving as the voting location for two different precincts.

For more information, see the Friends of Tallahassee Parks and Rec Facebook page.


StarMetro Bus Service in our neighborhood

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